The sun's rays reach Earth every day throughout the year. Among the components of the solar radiation the following types of radiation can be identified : infrared, visible and ultraviolet (UVA, UVB, UVC). The first type of radiation (infrared) is responsible for the sensation of heat and is responsible, among others, for the occurrence of sunstroke. Visible radiation allows you to see colors during the day, and after dark lets you see in shades of gray.

At present, aging processes are the scope of many research programs, focusing in particular on slowing down the progress of catabolic processes, ie decay. Factors responsible for the aging process can be divided into two basic groups: the natural aging process (intrinsic aging) and the influence of external factors (extrinsic / photo-aging). It is worth emphasizing that external factors account for 80% of the changes observed in the first five decades of life.

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