ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards at the front-line of the SaponLabs activity

With the global trends aiming at improving our planet's future, almost all the industry sectors are rapidly adopting the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards. ESG refers to three main topics: Environment - climate change, use of resources, waste management, pollution; Social conditions – labour and living conditions, enterprise involvement; Governance - compensation levels, enterprise structure, enterprise tax strategies.

Since 2019, the ESG considerations at the enterprise level, independent of its size, are becoming an integral part of a responsible strategy to improve the generation of value over the long term. The natural cosmetics industry is at the frontline of ESG approach by developing a global green and bio-cosmetic market.

At SaponLabs, since its creation, we were aware of the challenges that pose today's life and rapid development in all the areas of the industry and life. The goal of the creation of our company was clearly in line with the ESG philosophy: we have focused on the natural ingredients for cosmetics as a paradigm for the development of our research activity.

The use of the natural ingredients has a multi-facetted involvement in the ESG concept. Not only it is fully ecological, but also by the use of natural plants and herbs creates opportunities for the small companies and local agriculture in terms of the social impact and governance. In parallel, with the fully natural ingredients used for our formulations, SaponLabs is also conducting research in many areas that could have critical impact on the ecology and carbon footprint. All plant extracts employed in our formulations are obtained with pure water, without any organic solvents. They undergo only physical and biological transformations, which do not produce any toxic side products, often present in synthetic cosmetic ingredients.

Above the research work, SaponLabs has been using not only natural cosmetic ingredients from the ESG oriented companies but has been shifting towards natural packaging that is ecologically friendly. We try to always use either biodegradable or recyclable packaging, in order to improve the ecological impact of our cosmetics.

In terms of the social and governance aspects, since the beginning of our activity we have been strictly following the recommendations and requirements in terms of the diversity and work conditions for our employees, creating an excellent labour environment for the future career and personal development of the members of our team. At the frontier between academia and science, being involved in the EU granting programs, we also strongly contribute to the formation of the future scientists or industry employees by offering company Ph.D completion, diploma works or company internships in the SaponLabs laboratories located at the campus of the Warsaw University of Technology.

With the rapid development of the ESG taxonomy, many political and economic bodies, such as EU or UN, are quickly introducing a general framework for the ESG at a global level. SaponLabs is closely following these developments and will stay at the front-line of the ESG advancements, by trying to adopt as much as possible the new ESG standards.

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