New Partnership

Saponlabs is proud to announce our new partnership with two natural cosmetic companies: Natuu and Herbi Clean. The idea behind this move is to build a herbal holding that will be axed on the research and development of the new natural formulations with the help of natural plant extracts. Saponlabs has been active for many years in the field of natural and herbal extracts and became a leader in the area of broad research on the natural surfactants.

Our deep experience in natural formulations combined with the herbal characteristics of Natuu’s and Herbi Clean’s products offers synergies that can be explored for the formulations of the new type of natural cosmetics, supplocosmetics and cosmeceutics. 

Natuu and Herbi Clean get their origins from Podlasie, an untouched green region of fields, lakes and forests called “The Green Lungs of Poland”, where centuries old folk traditions, customs and the culture of collecting and using herbs for health purposes survived and was passed down from generation to generation. Podlasie is a small region in the European Union, at the eastern part of Poland, characterized by very clean air and an abundance of herbs. More than 50% of the Polish herbs harvest from natural habitats comes from here. Consequently, our new herbal holding products will all be based on natural, herbal ingredients.

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