SaponLabs creams at podiatry congress in Baden (Switzerland)

On 17 November in Baden near Zurich took place the annual national congress of the Swiss Association of  Podologists VSP. On the occasion of this event, which gathered over 300 podologists from all over Switzerland, Nilk company from Geneva presented sets of creams prepared by Saponlabs for podiatry specialists.
At the Nilk stand, among others, new packages of creams in different volumes, which were adapted to the specific needs of podology offices and their patients were presented. A product which attracted a particular interest, was the cream for dry and damaged foot based on oils from apricot kernel and sweet almonds, enriched with essential oils of tea tree and lavender. Nilk creams exported for over two years by Saponlabs to this highly demanding market have already become home to Swiss podiatrists and podiatry clinics, and the ever-growing number of clients shows that the Swiss customers appreciate the Polish quality in the domain of natural cosmetics for podology. Following the good reception on the Swiss market, SaponLabs plans to start distributing N'ilk creams throughout the EU, including in Poland, from the beginning of 2019.

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