The first scientific paper of SaponLabs is published

After 3 years of intensive research on surface activity of saponins, the first peer-reviewed scientific paper with an affiliation of SaponLabs has just been published in Journal of Surfactants of  Detergents (John Wiley & Sons, Inc). Although soapwort (Saponaria officinalis, L.) has been known for centuries as a rich source of biosurfactants, their characterisation was still missing.

In view of the great potential of this plant for cosmetics industry, we dedicated an intensive research program, funded within the EU project, to the detailed characterisation of saponins present in different parts of the plant. The paper describes the first study of seasonal variations of surface activity of soapwort , collected in 2016 from the wild state in Poland. The plants were dried under different conditions and separated into roots/rhizomes, stems, leaves and flowers/fruits. The respective extracts were tested for the ability to reduce surface tension (crucial for the cleansing properties) and to froth (crucial for foaming). In the course of the study we have observed that during the plant lifecycle the surface activity of extracts from individual organs varied significantly. Since soapwort is a perennial plant, the changes probably reflect the saponin content alterations related to their production and storage in the plant for the next season.

The publication is a result of realisation of the grant INNOCHEM POIR.01.02.00-00-0005/16, "Development of a series of natural shampoos without the addition of synthetic surfactants, especially SLS and SLES" by The National Centre for Research and Development, Poland. The full details of the research can be found here:

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