SaponLabs' cooperation with two Faculties of the Warsaw University of Technology

Under the grant INNOCHEM POIR.01.02.00-00-0005/16, "Development of a series of natural shampoos without the addition of synthetic surfactants, especially SLS and SLES" SaponLabs conducts intense scientific cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology. In the framework of this cooperation, 10 engineering and master's theses have already been implemented. Another 8 are in progress!

 Engineering works:

• Development of a method for the detection of saponins in plant extracts (2017)

• Study of the effect of saponins from Saponaria officinalis and Gypsophila paniculata on Langmuir monolayers (2017)

• Study on the impact of the developmental phase on the foaming capacity of extracts from Saponaria officinalis (2017)

• Separation of saponins with the planar gel electrophoresis (2017)

• Solubilization of non-polar substances with saponins (2018)

• Analysis and selection of spray drying conditions for plant extracts (2018)

• Development of the method of characterization of the composition of medical soap extracts using planar gel electrophoresis (2018)

• Comparison of saponin profiles in extracts obtained from various soap suds (2018)

• Foam-making abilities of plant extracts rich in saponins (2018)

Masters theses:

• Study of surface activity of extracts from Saponaria officinalis (2017)

• Surface activity of aqueous extracts from plants rich in saponins (in progress)

• The influence of saponins from soapstone with model biological membranes (in progress)

• Supporting the preservation system of selected cosmetic formulations by extracts from common berries and willow bark (in progress)

• Characterization of plant extracts containing saponins using planar gel electrophoresis (in progress)

• Development of a test method for extracts of medical soapstone using SFC-ESI MS (in progress)

• Comparison of the influence of saponins from soapstone and synthetic surfactants on selected cell lines, e.g. HaCaT, MeVo, A375 (ongoing)

• Research on the process of mixing cosmetic masses in a vacuum mixer (in progress)

• Analysis and selection of spray drying conditions for plant extracts (in progress)

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