Fully natural shampoo

In October 2015, we began work on a new shampoo for our Swiss partner PhiBio. It has an SLS/SLES-free formulation based on Soapwort extract. Our major goal in this project is the complete elimination of all alkylsulfate products in the shampoo.

SLS/SLES are typically added to cosmetic formulations in the form of dodecylammonium salts (also known as laureates), or its ethoxylated analogues (also known as ethoxylated laureates). Many producers of pseudo-natural cosmetics simply use different chemical names to hide the presence of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Alternatively, they use other salts (e.g. lithium) instead of sodium, to call their products “SLS/SLES – free”. Our approach is based on the real elimination of these highly irritating products and requires finding a natural surfactant (“biosurfactant”) with comparable foaming abilities. The work is in progress.

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