Saponlabs’ research on natural surfactants for cosmetic industry employs various models to mimic a human skin. Recently we have published a scientific paper comparing the action of synthetic and natural surfactants on two model skin layers. The paper entitled “Effect of synthetic surfactants and soapwort (Saponaria officinalis L.) extract on skin-mimetic model lipid monolayers” was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal “Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Biomembranes”.

In September this year, Saponlabs completed the realization of work within the grant "Development of a series of natural shampoos without the addition of synthetic surfactants, especially SLS and SLES" as part of the INNOCHEM sector program, financed from Measure 1.2 (Sectoral R&D programs POIR 2014-2020).

Continuous Saponlabs research on natural surfactants target many potential sources of surfactants that can be extracted from plants. There exist a variety of plants that contain such substances in various concentrations. One of the well-known candidates are saponins, of which the name is derived from the Latin word ‘sapo’, meaning soap.

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