Despite the huge amount of natural and organic cosmetics, which can be found on the cosmetic market, there is no legal definition of natural and organic cosmetics. For customers interested in reliable information about the origin of the raw materials used in the cosmetics they buy, certifications awarded by independent associations and legal entities are of invaluable help.

Exfoliating scrubs based on natural ingredients are becoming increasingly popular amongst cosmetics users. They combine the power of nature with the effectiveness of carefully selected components, helping to remove dead cells of the epidermis. Natural exfoliating scrubs act as effectively as synthetic ones, exfoliating dead skin cells to make way for the new, resurgent cells, while also smoothing rough or flaky skin.

Based on the results of research carried out by the GfK Group (Exploring the Territory of Natural & Organic Cosmetics) that has been presented recently at a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, the most important aspect of the natural and organic cosmetic market concern the lack of the regulatory definition to date. Most of the customers rely on their private standards that are mostly based on their subjective views concerning the "natural cosmetic" definition.

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